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Micro Size...Macro Benefits!

Have you ever heard of microgreens? These adorable mini plants certainly don't gain the recognition they deserve! Whether you are a seasoned pro when it comes to these powerful nutrition boosters or are just becoming aware of all they can offer, microgreens are good for everyone looking to add a little extra to the diet!

So... let's give some love to this adorable food and talk about their amazing benefits!

What is a Microgreen?

If you have never heard of microgreens don't feel bad, they are commonly overshadowed by some of the more common items in the green's section. A microgreen is simply a young plant. They are not sprouts, more so just baby plants, but they are grown in a similar way and provide some similar benefits. Unlike sprouts, the seeds of microgreens are not consumed, only the stem and leaves.

There are many different types of microgreens as most edible plants may be grown with this method. We grow a number of varieties including radishes (pictured), broccoli, salad mix and peas, among others.

They are all very tasty, with different flavors and are especially good when mixed together.

Microgreens can be used in a variety of ways: as salads, in stir fries, as a garnish, in green smoothies, on sandwiches or anywhere else you might use greens.

How Are Microgreens Grown?

There are a few different microgreen growing methods.

We use a variety of these methods depending on the type of green we are working with. Pea microgreens, for example are grown on a thin layer of soil (pictured) while our broccoli or radish greens are grown on hemp fiber mats. All of our trays are kept in a sterile indoor environment under grow lights to prevent contamination from outside soil, pesticides and fertilizers.

Just like their larger plant friends, microgreens need water and sunlight. With some care and attention some microgreens can be ready in only 10 days!

Once the small plants get to the right size, they are ready to be cut and enjoyed. We choose to harvest our microgreens the same day we sell them while at the market meaning they come straight from the tray to you!

What are the Benefits?

What is it that makes these super greens... super? You can always grab some fresh lettuce, yummy arugula and bit of spinach to make a nutrient packed salad so why bother with the little guys? While these big greens are certainly larger, they do not win the battle of nutrients. It is estimated that microgreens contain 40-50% more vitamins and minerals than their adult counterparts. Unlike the large plants, microgreens are concentrated, meaning all of their nutrient power is packed into a smaller area. Making a salad from these tiny greens greatly increases your vitamin yield as you are gaining more benefits per bite!

The individual benefits of each type of green correspond to the adult plants. If you are looking for a boost in magnesium, grab some spinach microgreens. Potassium? Reach for those radishes! How about fiber? Add some pea microgreens to your next meal!

With so many options, flavors and nutrient packed benefits, microgreens can provide something for everyone.

Thanks for reading!

If you are local and are interested in ordering microgreens, be sure to fill out the contact form on our produce page!

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