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"Happiness is a bowl of fresh berries."
- Unknown 

Mountain Grown Blueberries & Elderberries

Our farm houses hundreds of blueberry bushes and elderberry plants! We have seven different varieties of blueberries and two varieties of elderberries.


Elderberries are a unique berry which are packed with antioxidants and health benefits! We incorporate this super berry into our tea blends! While in season, you can request fresh elderberries but keep in mind they cannot be eaten raw and must be cooked thoroughly. Perfect for jams, pies and teas!

Our blueberries are in season from late May to early August! All hand-picked and packaged with care! 

Wooden Plank Transparent

Flavor packed into a small package

Who doesn't love the fresh taste and lively scent of fresh berries? Whether you prefer the super elderberry or classic blueberry, we have something for you! 

We offer fresh berries only when in season; however, you can find berries in many of our value-added products. Take a look at our shop to view these items. 

Berry Soap
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