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Seasonal Produce 

Annually, we produce a wide array of produce ranging from specialty tomatoes to crunchy peppers and hearty potatoes. Our produce items are sold at local farmers markets in Jackson and Swain counties. We like to experiment with new varieties and we also adjust what we grow to fit the needs of local non-profits so our produce can vary by season (see some of what we grew last year  and what we are growing this season below the contact form). When in season, we take weekly orders for produce in a drive-by or delivery format so be sure to get on our contact list if you are interested! If you are looking for bushels or 1/2 bushels, be sure to email us before the season begins to reserve those!

We produce microgreens year-round and have a number of varieties. If you are interested in ordering microgreens all you need to do is fill out the contact form below! We will then contact you to discuss potential options for varieties, delivery options and more. We sell to both individuals and restaurants.


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What's Currently in Season

Eight Ball Squash 

Yellow Pattypan Squash 

Green Pattypan Squash 

Yellow Crooked-Neck Squash 

Pickling Cucumbers

Currant Tomatoes 

Cherry Tomatoes 

Slicing Cucumbers 




Bell Peppers

Marconi Peppers


Please Note: A lot of our produce is pre-sold. If you are interested in a large quantity of something (bushels or 1/2 bushels), please email us before the season or get on our produce contact list! 

2021 Season Produce 


Currant Tomatoes


Cucumbers, Yellow and Green Zucchini
Crooked-Neck & Straight-Neck Squash


Bell Peppers

Mountain Fresh Tomatoes
and Eggplants 


Yellow and Red Cherry Tomatoes

And More!