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White Washed Wood

The Critters

Meet Our Pack

    Mia & Theo are our loyal Saint Bernards. They are family pets but also have a job on our property to protect our goats and poultry. We have kept Saint Bernards since 2009. Saints are cautious and are loyal protectors but are also relaxed gentle giants once they are familiar with new people and situations!

Pretty Kitty is our fifteen year old cat. She is currently living a relaxed retired life but deserves recognition for her many years of hard work keeping away pests!

Meet Our Goats 

Meet Our Poultry 

We have been raising poultry since 2011 and have kept Golden Comets, Buff Orpingtons, Jersey Giants, Star Spangled Hamburgs, Polish, Marans and many other breeds. Most recently, our flock consisted of only Orpingtons and Jersey Giants, the latter of which is considered a heritage breed. We choose to let our birds free-range meaning they are not confined to a coop during the day.

We keep goats as both pets and property clearers. Our herd consists of mixed-breeds and pure-bred Nigerian Dwarfs. 

We like to spoil our goats and they are members of our family!

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