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White Washed Wood


Meet Our Dexter Herd

    We have a very small herd of registered dexter cattle (two cows and two heifers). We breed every other year by borrowing a bull. Our cows are genetically tested for Chondrodysplasia and Pulmonary Hypoplasia with Anasarca (PHA) and all animals within our herd are non-carriers. In addition, our cattle are all A2/A2 and we breed specifically for this trait. 

Dexter cattle have three color traits: black, red and dun. While we have kept dun cattle in our herd in the past, we primarily breed for black or red coats, though our black cows carry all color genes.

Meet Our Goats 

We also keep goats as both pets and property clearers. Goats are excellent for keeping brush manageable within our steeper pastures and wooded areas and we love to spoil them.


Our herd is primarily mixed-breed and we have a pure pygmy weather named Silus who has been with us for eight years!

Meet Our Poultry 

We have been raising poultry since 2011 and have kept Golden Comets, Buff Orpingtons, Jersey Giants, Star Spangled Hamburgs, Polish, Marans and many other breeds. Most recently, our flock consisted of only Orpingtons and Jersey Giants, the latter of which is considered a heritage breed. We choose to let our birds free-range meaning they are not confined to a coop during the day.